Uncle Matt and Aunt Katrina

Last month we got to spend a few days with my brother, his wife, and their baby T-Bone. (T-Bone is not yet born, but made his or her presence fully known this summer via nausea, cravings, and near narcolepsy.)

I brought my fancy pants camera so I could get some good pictures of their family. After a few dozen photos which were mediocre at best, Emmaline asked to give it a shot. (Shot? Ha! See what I did there?)

One snap, and she gets this, my new favorite photo of some of my favorite people.



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Nothing Like a Car Nap

Remember sleeping in the car when you were a kid? You could get cozy under a parent’s jacket, or let the sun warm your face as you rested against the car window.

Having spent much of September in the car, Catie perfected the car nap.

Sweet repose.


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Welcome to October! Have Some Strep Throat.

I love October. I love cooler air and acorns dropping and happy children on Halloween.

I do not love strep throat.


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Food on a Stick

We live in a great city. A city of art and multiculturalism and many opportunities for adventure.

We also live in a city with a restaurant dedicated almost entirely to fair food, so when your stomach cries out for a giant fried pickle, you can head to Palookaville.



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A Musician’s Trip to the Post Office

The day started out innocently enough. I made breakfast, ran laundry, and paid a few bills then Emmaline and I hopped in the car to go to the post office.

You have to pass the music store to get to the post office. Well, I guess you don’t have to, but given the choice, wouldn’t everyone prefer to gaze through the windows of the music store? To drool over the glistening drum sets, trumpets, and banjos?

Sometimes, one just calls your name. She picked out a beaut!


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