My Other Favorite Part of the Beach

Earlier this week, the kids and I took Aunt Grits home to Pensacola and decided to stay for a couple of days. We’re more mountain people than beach people, but my cousins make such great hosts that we could easily be persuaded to move right in.

Of course there are sandcastle photos and the kids posing with tacky pirates while we have dinner on a pier, but this… THIS… is something I’d never seen before.


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Grits on the Beach

I so love this lady.


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Beachy Cousins

Good cousins say, “Come visit any time.”

Great cousins (and Aunt Grits!) put you up, stuff you with seafood, and remind you to hold your beer out of the waves.

Thanks, y’all. It was perfect. I love you!


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We all make mistakes.

Here, when we hurt one another, whether accidentally or in a moment of intentional anger or frustration, we try to follow a three step plan.

1. Mess up.
2. Fess up.
3. Fix up.

This was apparently step 2 of the process.


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Summertime People

We are summertime people. I love a clear fall morning, or the blue reflection of moonlight on snow, but for me, summer offers the most bang for your buck.

Target would like me to believe that fall is just around the corner, what with their faux fur lined coats and enormous bins of school supplies. (Though I freely admit that I love school supplies.) But it’s still summer, people! Get out there! Walk in the woods. Take a road trip. Cook outside.

Don’t let Target fool you! There are adventures to be had! The school supplies will be there later, I promise. This weekend, it’s all about having fun.


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