Happy 4th!

A few days late, but Happy 4th of July!

Emmaline and I celebrated by getting up at 5am for her first Peachtree Road Race.  Sure, she was 3 weeks out from a random summer pneumonia, but we decided to give it a shot anyway.


We waited for the subway with a few of our closest friends.


And finally made it to the start line.


We treat the Peachtree as less of a race and more of a 6 mile parade. Emmaline was entertained and delighted by the costumed spectators holding signs and offering doughnuts, drinks, and tiny American flags. She listened patiently as I told her stories of my aunts Ginny and Sylvia running the race every year, and how my mom and grandmother would coordinate a hand-off so my sister and I could run a few blocks down Peachtree Street. After the race, we’d all drive up to Lake Lanier and my grandparents would get Wendy’s hamburgers for everyone. We’d spend several days at the lake – boating, playing board games, and rarely changing out of our swimsuits.

It remains one of my favorite holidays, full of simple, no-pressure fun. There’s no gift list and no excessive meal to prepare at home. It’s about towels hanging off the deck, staying up to watch fireworks, and the smells of sunscreen and lake water.

Here’s to many more Fourths with my family. They’re the best.


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Two of My Favorites

Warming up after an afternoon of tubing.


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Duck Whisperers


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Welcome Home, Campers!

Camp was good to us this year. Mr. TuckerMom and I got a slew of date nights, plus time to refinish the deck and pressure wash the back of the house. (We are hopeless romantics at heart.) The kids got to spend a week running around the woods, riding horses, and swimming in the lake.

There were prank wars between the cabins, camp songs, and more bug bites than I can number. The girls came home with ghost stories, several minor injuries, and the ability to count (and curse) in Croatian.

It was damn near perfect.




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Letters from Camp

Thanks to generous family and friends, our girls get to spend part of each summer at sleep-away camp. It’s always exciting to pack up the swimsuits and bug spray and talk about the adventures they hope to have while they are away. I send them off with hugs and kisses and a stack of stamped envelopes, but I rarely get any communication from them.

I don’t know if it was moving up to the air-conditioned cabins this year or the expertly timed care package, but I finally scored a handmade card!


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