Yeah. It’s just going to be like this for a while around here.

Is it annoying when people post excessive amounts of baby pictures?

Probably not, since 98% of my readership is biologically related to this baby, but if you find yourself rolling your eyes then kiss it. He’s my nephew and he is perfect.


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So, What did YOUR Brother Give YOU Lately?

My little brother and his mighty wife Katrina made me an aunt this week.

Welcome to this side baby Jack. I love you.


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It’s a Dirty Job

…and that’s why they love it.

A week’s worth of rain did not deter these two master gardeners. Herbs on the deck, veggies out back, and an assortment of colorful blooms in the front.

Love the springtime, and love these girls.


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Nothing Says Grandpa Like Flaming Swords

For the past month, my dad has kept my kids for a few nights each week while I take care of some things with my in-laws. This has been a difficult spring, and I couldn’t do it without him (and my equally amazing sister).

You never know exactly what’s going to happen at Grandpa’s house, but it’s likely to involve fire. And awesomeness.


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On the Road Again


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