Happy Campers

This week, TuckerDad and I helped my brother and his family make the 500 mile move to Atlanta. The kids, however, were smarter than that and spent the week at camp. They rode horses and sank a canoe, cooked over an open fire and painted pet rocks, swam in the lake and sang songs with their friends.

It was a good week.



Photo by Mama Robyn, who reassured them that I was indeed going to pick them up – I was just running late after being distracted by frozen yogurt.

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Moving Day!

First stop, coffee.


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Fierce Competition

Cousins Week at the beach is always fun. Sugar cereal for the kids, vodka tonics for the adults, and fierce competition for “Favorite Aunt” status.

Yesterday, Aunt Grits pulled ahead with multiple containers of canned whipped cream. This afternoon Aunt Isabelle evened the score by finding the best stretch of beach and buying 2 more boogie boards. Aunt Susie took 4 kids to Michael’s Craft Store on her own, raising her status among the children and adults. Aunt Sterling is always willing to carry their crap back to the car, so we’re back to a complete tie.

It’s a good problem to have.


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Cousin’s Week at the Beach


And that’s just the half that were set aside neatly.

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Every Day in May – Unofficial Start of Summer

The smell of a campfire, the sizzle of burning marshmallows, white-rimmed glowing embers floating high into the sky. It’s the annual burning of the workbooks, a day that marks the end of another school year and the beginning of another carefree summer.

Here’s to a summer full of s’mores, bug spray, and summer camp!



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